Get to know Serge Lussier

Serge Lussier

Licensed Insurance Professional

An engineer for nearly three decades, Serge Lussier discovered his true calling in financial services through helping his in-laws navigate their finances and health care options in a time of need. Today, he helps clients at KPC Financial Solutions engineer efficient financial plans and rewarding retirements.

A financial professional who can offer insurance products and services, Serge is committed to continual learning to provide the best financial solutions for his clients. He places an emphasis on helping them better understand Medicare, tax-efficient strategies, and the benefits of life insurance and annuities. Serge earned his bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in 1995 and spent the next 28 years working for engineering firms before pursuing his newfound passion in financial planning.

Serge is a longtime resident of Richardson, Texas, where he lives with his wife, JulieAnn, their two children, Matthew and Sydney, and the family’s three dogs, Penny, June and Tucker. A true jack of all trades, Serge’s many hobbies include fishing, tackling do-it-yourself projects and teaching Sunday school at his church. He’s also an avid camper and enjoys any time he gets to spend outdoors.